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On 10th October, 1887 Mrs Honora Moloney purchased a 10 acre block where the current hotel stands.  At the same time she sold The Troffs Hotel and within 6 months she had transferred the licence 5kms south to Trundle where she built the first hotel, The Trundle hotel opened in April 1888.


The original hotel was a single storey wooden building which included a general store, hall and animal stables.  The southern end of the property (corner of Parkes & Forbes Streets) was a residential house.


In 1900 Dr Dagmar Berne moved into the residential house.  Dr Berne was first female medical student to be accepted by Sydney University who still dedicate a major award in her name.


Mrs Moloney continued to run the hotel until 1903 and her family continued to run it for a further 5 years.


In 1908 the Moloney’s sold it to James Virgo Parnell.  

In 1911 he sold it to Evan Lewis Jones who commission the building of a new hotel.  The current Hotel was built in 1911 and completed in 1912.  


In 1913 it was sold to a a vaudeville singer Christopher Reid Young and his partner Dally Messenger.  It is reported that Dally Messenger was pretty much as silent partner and it was Chris Reid who ran the hotel.  Chris Reid was a very talented singer , he helped established a local musical society and when he left Trundle he joined the Milan Opera group La Scala

Dally Messenger Owner of the trundle Hotel 1913-1917

Trundle Hotel 1916 Pre.jpg
Trundle Hotel 1925 Sept.jpg
Trundle Hotel 1931 March.jpg
Trundle Hotel 1939 Oct.jpg
Trundle Hotel 1949.jpg
Trundle Hotel 1970.jpg
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