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List: Register of the National Estate

Class: Historic

Legal Status: Registered (30/05/1995)

Place ID: 14337

Place File No: 1/07/255/0002


Statement of Significance:

A Victorian pub which is important in demonstrating the dominance in the town of the pub from the time it was first built to the present. (Criterion A.4) 
The hotel is evidence of the importance of hotels and drinking places in the development of Australian country towns. (Criterion A.4 and D.2) 
It is also important for its fine proportions and elegant design, which has produced the building's dominance. (Criterion F.1) 
The main section at the corner is important for its rare pise construction. (Criterion B.2).


A stuccoed brick, pise, concrete and timber framed building of two storeys having squared timber verandah columns with timber brackets and valances. Upper balustrading replaced by fencing mesh. Bullnosed iron roofing and iron brackets. Bar exterior wall decorated with rare mirrored beer signs. Northern end of building formerly 

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