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Evan Lewis Jones

Evan Lewis Jones was the owner of the hotel in 1911.  He commissioned the rebuilding of the Trundle Hotel and is responsible for our current historical structure, and distinctive long verandah.  


Below is a transcript of Uncle Evan from the Jones family history.

“Uncle Evan had realised farmers and travelers carrying wool and produce to the rail at Trundle had nowhere to camp and rest their teams other than on the side of the track. He decided to alter this, purchased the Trundle Hotel from James Virgo Parnell in 1911 and set about to rebuild.


He bought all the land around the site and engaged A.W. Ware, known as “Snuffer” to build at a cost of £5,000. Stables and yards were erected behind the hotel to accommodate several teams.  When the hotel was completed it certainly was a credit to Uncle’s planning, the balcony was 94 yards long – 74 yards facing Forbes St and 20 yards facing Parkes St, even today the balcony has the record of being the longest in NSW. He continued building shops along from the hotel and these are still in use today. Although the hotel is two storey and many wild windstorms have gone through Trundle blowing roofs off, the Trundle Hotel has always stood firm.”

Trundle Pioneer
Evan Lewis Jones was a true pioneer of Trundle. After the war, he assisted returning servicemen in settling in Trundle.


He donated the land to build the War Memorial Hall and library, which he opened on 15th March 1927. He also donated land and helped build the Masonic Hall in 1919.


He died on 4th November 1930, aged 63 and is buried in the Trundle Cemetery. 

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